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Simultaneous Determination of the Adsorption Isotherm and the Adsorption Enthalpy


Characterization Tools


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

Capability Expert(s)

Abhi Karkamkar (, Tom Autrey (


Calvet calorimeter with stainless steel reaction cells

BT2.15 Calvet calorimeter. The reaction cells are made of stainless steel with volume of 8 cc and can be coupled with pressure transducer or PCTPro.

PNNL is developing a microcalorimetric setup capable of measuring isotherm and enthalpy directly at subambient conditions. PNNL has a BT2.15 Calvet calorimeter to measure heat of reaction of solid-gas and liquid-gas interactions to measure enthalpy of hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, temperature (-125°C to 200°C), and pressure (1 to 100 bar) under isothermal or ramping conditions. Inert atmosphere (nitrogen, argon, helium) is available for loading calorimetry cells. In collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, PNNL is combining a low temperature Calvet-Tian calorimeter with a PCT as a microdoser.


Currently available for further development in collaboration with HyMARC.


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