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The HyMARC national laboratories conduct research projects within six tasks. Additionally, HyMARC supports several seedling projects funded by the DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

View the HyMARC webinar to learn more about the tasks and projects within this multi-lab collaboration.

HyMARC Phase 2 Task Structure

Task 1: Sorbents

  • PI: Tom Gennett (NREL)

Task 2: Metal Hydrides

  • PI: Mark Allendorf (Sandia)

Task 3: Hydrogen Carriers

  • PI: Tom Autrey (PNNL)

PNNL presented a webinar on the hydrogen carrier activities on December 6, 2018. View the webinar.

Task 4: Advanced Characterization Capabilities

  • PIs: Phil Parilla (NREL) and David Prendergast (Molecular Foundry, LBNL)

Task 5: Research Support for Seedling Projects

  • PIs: Mark Allendorf (Sandia) and Tom Gennett (NREL)

Task 6: HyMARC Data Hub

  • PI: Kristin Munch (NREL)

HyMARC Phase 2 Focus Areas: Designated High-Priority Research Topics

Within the Task structure there are various focus areas and projects underway.


  • Enthalpy/entropy
  • Optimizing sorbent binding energies
  • Optimizing sorbent packing
  • Dynamic sorbent materials
  • Multiple hydrogens per metal
  • Nanoscale defects in sorbents

Metal Hydrides

  • Thermodynamics
  • Solid interfaces and surfaces
  • Activation of bonds in hydride materials to improve kinetics (e.g., B-B, B-H)
  • Nanoscaling to improve thermodynamics and kinetics
  • Microstructural impacts of complex metal hydride reactions
  • Machine learning and data science

Advanced Characterization

  • High-temperature validated PCT system
  • PCT calorimetry
  • NMR spectroscopy
  • In situ and ex situ synchrotron, neutron and DRIFTS techniques

Hydrogen Carriers 

Broadly, three classes of materials are under consideration:

  • One-way carriers: Reaction products following H2 release are not reserved for regeneration.
  • Round-trip carriers: The reaction product can be reloaded with gaseous H2 on site or returned to a centralized location.
  • Alternately generated carriers: Molecules that can be regenerated without using gas-phase H2.

Seedling Projects

Download the list of HyMARC seedling projects to learn more about the projects and their current status.