Hard Sails and Green Hydrogen for the Cargo Ships of the Future
Work by DOE's HyMARC and HydroGEN consortia is called out in this CleanTechnica article.
CleanTechnica, December 2020

DOE Recognizes LLNL's Computational Materials Science Team for Exceptional Support to HyMARC, HydroGEN Consortia
The team, led by Drs. Brandon Wood and Tadashi Ogitsu, was recognized for its contributions to advancing the state of the art in computational materials science and guiding experimental efforts in developing advanced, high-performance materials for hydrogen production through water splitting and hydrogen storage.
DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program, September 2020

Follow HyMARC on Twitter
HyMARC is now on Twitter! Follow @HyMARC_Labs to get updates from the consortium.
HyMARC, July 2020

VIDEO: Hydrogen Materials Advanced Research Consortium (HyMARC)
HyMARC is featured by MRS TV at the Materials Research Society 2019 Fall Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.
MRS TV, November 2019

Hydrogen Storage Gets Real
Principal investigator Jeffrey Long and co-director Mark Allendorf describe how HyMARC is tackling some of the fundamental underlying challenges involved in hydrogen storage.
Chemistry World, August 2019

Sandia, Lawrence Livermore Team Improves Solid-State H2 Storage Using Nano-Confinement; New Paradigm for Hydrogen Storage
The research team developed an efficient hydrogen storage system that could be a boon for hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Green Car Congress, February 2017