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Catalytic Materials Synthesis




Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Capability Experts

Ji Su ([email protected])


LBNL is actively developing "Catalytic Materials Hub" (CMH) for HyMARC to facilitate the catalysis-relevant projects in the program. CMH can provide catalyst design, synthesis, reaction testing for collaboration in HyMARC.

CMH's synthesis capability can provide:

  • Design and synthesis of advanced single-metal-site catalysts, super-synergistic binuclear-site catalysts and bimetallic-catalysts
  • Synthesis of traditional supported metal nanoparticle catalyst with size and shape control of the metal particles
  • Synthesis of various metal oxide with size, shape, porosity, dimension controls.
  • Traditional zeolite and perovskite (dimension controls)
  • Graphene oxide nanosheet with large lateral size

CMH's synthesis capability in developing:

  • Ir and Ni based electrocatalysts
  • Synergistic molten metal alloy catalyst
  • Zeolite nanotube and zeolite nanosheet
  • High entropy oxides.


Available for use in collaboration with HyMARC.


Microscopic enlargements of eight synthesized catalyst samples.

Figure 1. The synthesized catalyst samples.


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